How to lose weight and be healthier

Health and weight loss – Change in the food and nutrition

Who wants to lose weight and to keep his weight successfully, you should always change the eating and living habits. This takes time, because old habits cannot change from today to tomorrow. Therefore, it is important every day again to remember the new rules and implement them step by step, until they have passed into the flesh and blood.

Food – Eat healthy and varied

The diet should total a varied so that the body gets all that it needs. Who starves to hold his weight, has entered a long eternal vicious circle from which it is difficult to break out again. The following should be considered: a diverse and varied diet is this with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, milk and dairy products as well as plenty of fluids (water and tea).

Successfully lose weight with Fitness and Sport

Successfully and permanently, lose weight, means perseverance and discipline to apply. Correct losing weight is hard work. Precisely for this reason, one should be clear why you want to lose weight. Is it the desire to fit back into old clothes? Is it the desire to feel attractive again? If you want to live healthier, be fit and feel more power? On the other hand, you want to lose weight because the doctor recommends it for health reasons.

At the beginning, a long walk can be useful to get used as a substitute for regular exercise and sports. The tempo can be increased gradually, and the physical activity can be extended. In addition, swimming, cycling, cross-country skiing, aqua jogging and Nordic walking are good alternatives.Less energy is consumed while walking or walking. However, it is important especially for beginners or very overweight, to be introduced to the injury-free running, as after a short time to have to stop because the knee does not cooperate.

In addition, any movement is better than sitting at home on the sofa. If you really want to do more, should have recourse to alternative sports. Muscles adapt optimally only if they have enough time.

Health and weight loss

How to lose weight healthily is a question that many people around the world are asking. Here are a few basic things you should know if you are on the threshold of such an undertaking. If you feel hungry, you should drink a large glass of water – this will help immediately and prevent “attacks” on the refrigerator.

Food and weight loss

The healthiest way it is to cook for yourself. Once this is not necessary, so be sure to choose dishes with plenty of vegetables, lean meat and less sauce. Large plate of salad before the meal-course without a high-calorie dressing – or even a piece of fruit are well adapted automatically to eat less and lose weight more easily. Just severely obese people, who lose weight over a very long period, should not slavishly hold on to their intentions, but allow themselves now and again once the high-fat meal or a favourite bar of chocolate. If from time to cross the line, you will not grow back 5 kg.

Sport and Fitness – Put sporting goals

The Sport and Fitness should not only serve to lose weight easier, and they can do it more fun. Therefore, it is good to sit down and athletic goals – for example to run a marathon to train towards. Besides, it can be very motivating to train in a group or set itself the goal to enter all workouts in a calendar.

Of course, a standstill on the scale sometimes can occur, so it is not advisable to weigh yourself every day or even after every run workout. Even with low-fat diet, there may be other reasons and the weight loss does not happen as quickly. For example, the water retention even could lead to weight gain in the short term.

Time and patience

That is all that is necessary. Quick wins are not to be expected with such a holistic change. This is not necessary. Moreover, it is wrong to put himself under pressure. From time to time, you may enjoy a treat yourself well. However, if you keep discipline and follows the principles, you can have both better health and a better appearance.

Health and weight

Suitable food for weight loss

A diet may help to reduce the weight quickly. In many cases, a special diet program has little success. It makes much more sense to reduce the intake of calories in the long term. This means nothing else than the change in eating habits. The successes, however, are better, more sustainable and healthier than a radical diet. The diet should be balanced and healthy. Foods high in fat should be removed from the diet, fruits and vegetables are an important part of the diet. A few principles contribute to success:

• A glass of water is better than a glass of lemonade
• At dinner, one serving is enough
• Sweets should be eaten only half as often
• Chips, snacks rich alcohol should be reduced to a minimum

Drink lots

Much drink is healthy and stops the hunger. Instead of water, drink also strong tea or diluted fruit juices. At least 1.5 to 2 litters should be consumed in a day.

More Tips for Optimal Weight Loss

• Crucial for that slimming, it is a slow shift in consciousness
• The previous eating habits should become fundamentally changed in small steps
• Switching to energy-reduced diet
• Without the “empty” carbohydrates (white flour, sweets, sugar …)
• 60% carbohydrates, 15-20% protein and 20-25% fat
• Watch out for hidden fats, How YOU in ready meals and ready-mixed spices, etc.
• Detoxify the body
• Use only fresh ingredients
• Supports IS A reduction in body weight ALSO BY BY die increase calorie consumption more exercise and sport
• Determine YOU show your approximate calorie needs
• The energy demand must be greater than energy intake die
• Realistic goals: 0.5 kg a week is a sensible weight loss

Lose weight through Fitness and Sport

To lose weight, it is better to run half an hour every day than once a week for several hours. After each exposure, the body reacts with adaptations. If the training is conducted regularly, the effect is much larger. After training, the burning of energy is still going on.

The more you train, the more you benefit from this effect. In addition, the muscles are stimulated at each run; they need energy and burn calories even at rest.